Have you checked out a ‘habitat’ yet?

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Habitats for Artists have been taking over Charlottesville as of late. Graphic Designers usually = artists so we thought this would be a fun one to share.

From The Bridge PAI site: “This spring, Simon Draper, of Habitat for Artists, has joined The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative as a 2014 Public Artist. Simon joins us from the Hudson Valley in New York to create Habitat City.  These Habitats, currently located at The Bridge PAI and will move to other locations around Charlottesville as part of the Tom Tom Founders Festival, creating public spaces for art and imagining a new future for Charlottesville.”

We have been following Jennifer Hoyt Tidwell’s posts on her ‘box’ and the reactions she has heard:

Most frequent question asked (besides ‘Is this a Tom Tom thing?’) duringWhile You Wait: “Why are you doing this?”

and then

Favorite quotes from people who came out of the While You Wait box yesterday on the mall:

“I was tripping.”
“I figured it out, man!!!” (said by guy who came out before his 5 minutes were up.)

More info on these little nooks:

Article on the Habitats from C-ville: http://www.c-ville.com/the-bridge-dots-the-landscape-with-public-artists-habitats/#.U06xVOZdVGl


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More info on Habitats for Artists: https://www.facebook.com/habitatforartists